Client testimonials appearing on this site were received in written form and reflect individual experiences representing individual results. Testimonials were given willingly for use on this website and are presented verbatim except for correction of typing errors; and some have been shortened for use in this space. Carolyn Heppner respects each and every client’s right to privacy and thanks them for their generous gift of confidence and sharing.

Professional References

“Carolyn is professionally generous, trustworthy and builds therapeutic relationships with her clients as a natural extension of her authentic and caring nature.

As a Counsellor, she successfully empowers people to move forward through their challenges through the development of new skills and the uncovering of old skills long forgotten. I would not hesitate to recommend Carolyn to anyone who is struggling with anxiety, depression, grief or trauma.

As a skilled and ethical clinician, Carolyn is able to effectively use the powerful tool of EMDR to assist clients, and is the only specialist I would recommend for EMDR treatment in the Lower Mainland.”

D.H. Colleague and Registered Clinical Counsellor, UFV

“I have worked closely with Carolyn since November 2010.  Through my observations and interactions, Carolyn grounds her counselling work in curiosity, reflection, and displays a sensitive and caring nature.  Carolyn has shown an abundance of knowledge in the area of trauma and domestic abuse counselling, in addition to continued crucial training and certification in related areas. I see Carolyn as a tenacious and invested counsellor who is able to support diverse clients who face immense challenges in their lives.”

T.N. Counselling Department Head and Registered Clinical Counsellor UFV

“Over the past five years, I have referred a number of clients to Carolyn for trauma work with confidence that they will be supported and guided in a safe and caring environment. I have also consulted with Carolyn regarding complex cases and have found her feedback insightful and relevant. When co-faciliting workshops with Carolyn, participants respond well to her engaging and inviting approach. She is very respectful and highly intuitive to help clients get to the heart of what troubles them.”

E.B. Colleague and Registered Clinical Counsellor UFV


“I sought help from a lot of counsellors to help me through out my life. My biggest set back was trust, I didn’t trust easily. This is what made meeting and doing the work with Carolyn Heppner so unique. I trusted her. She’s real and not phony. She’s open and genuine. She has boundaries and integrity. I for the first time could open up and release what was keeping me from moving forward. Carolyn had a way of making our time safe and yet professional. I was set free for the first time and haven’t looked back. I went from being insecure, afraid and so shameful to being set free into a world where I believe in myself, I’ve forgiven myself and I’m so much more confident when entering challenging situations.”


“Carolyn has been an elemental part of me learning new ways for coping with my anxiety. She is patient and always ensures that I feel understood and most importantly, normal. The personal understanding that I have gained from our sessions is something I didn’t know I could find and I am so thankful for it. Knowing that I have her to talk to about the challenges that I face is a comfort that has lead me to become the much healthier and at peace person that I am today.” 

“I wrestled quietly for years in my own mental prison. I really didn’t feel like my issues warranted the help of a professional, but after exhausting all of my efforts, meeting with Carolyn was like a breath of fresh air. In the most unassuming way, she has the uncanny ability to dig around and sort through my thoughts, hitting right to the heart of the matter. Our sessions have proved to be some of the most deeply altering conversations I’ve ever had, dealing with past issues through a variety of safe, accessible techniques. Carolyn’s compassion set me at ease from the start and really catalyzed my ability to deal with issues on an everyday basis. I cannot recommend her services enough.”


“I have to admit, I was skeptical about how EMDR would help me but was absolutely floored on how much success I had with it. It is something that I would recommend again and again.”

Registered Clinical Counsellor in Maple Ridge, British Columbia