Prenatal and Postpartum Anxiety

Some studies suggest Prenatal and Postpartum Anxiety are even more common than depression. The Prenatal and Postpartum periods are filled with uncertainty and change. These feelings often trigger symptoms of anxiety in new mothers.  New mothers often find they are particularly vulnerable to depression or anxiety if they have experienced symptoms prior to getting pregnant.

Counselling for pre/postnatal anxiety can help you to:

  • deal with symptoms of anxiety including difficulty concentrating or remembering things, restlessness, insomnia and digestive issues
  • reduce or eliminate intrusive thoughts and fears
  • quiet your mind so you feel more grounded and relaxed with your baby
  • cope more effectively with the stresses of life and new motherhood
  • find ways to increase your social supports and decrease isolation

Feeling anxious is natural. Therapy can help you understand and manage those feelings.

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